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🜜 Bear Masks

🜜 Bear Masks

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The constellations of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the great and little bears, are named for their supposed resemblance to bears from the time of Ptolemy. Ursa Major has been associated with a bear for as much as 13,000 years since paleolithic times in the widespread cosmic hunt myths.

In the Hindu epic poem "The Ramayana", the bear named Jambavan is depicted as the king of the bears and he helps the god Rama to defeat the demon king Ravana.

The prehistoric Finns, Siberians and Koreans considered the bear as the spirit of their forefathers. In Native American cultures the bear was a symbol of rebirth because of their yearly hibernation and re-emergence and where associated with motherhood due to the mother bear's devotion to her cubs.

Qabalistically bears are associated with Mars, the Roman God of war, because of their strength and power.

Material: Polyester (Windproof,Breathable,Anti-UV,Quick Dry)
Size: Length: 60cm 
Shipping Time: 15 - 30 days