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Rider Tarot Cards
Rider Tarot Cards
Rider Tarot Cards
Rider Tarot Cards
Rider Tarot Cards

Rider Tarot Cards

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Designed by an initiate of a famous secret society, the Rider-Waite Tarot is full of Astrological, Alchemical, Geomantic & Qabalistic symbolism. Besides the traditional divination Tarot readings, Tarot cards can be used for..

🜊 Visualization exercises. Visualize each card as literal doorway into a symbolic landscape to explore.
🜊 A portable meditation circle. Place each card around you in chronological order forming a magick circle for sacred space and sacred time.
🜊 Memorization exercises. Improve your memory and learn the symbolism of all the cards simultaneously.
🜊 Talismans. Carry a card around with you to manifest that specific energy.
🜊 Standard Playing Cards. Remove the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 4 Knights and you have 56 cards! Pentacles = Diamonds / Cups = Hearts / Wands = Clubs / Swords = Spades

Stats: Miscellaneous
100mm x 60mm (similar size to playing cards which are aproximately 89mm x 63mm)
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 16-26 days