Astrological Horoscopes

Each god is associated with a planet of the solar system. The position of the planet in the zodiac is either considered great, good, neutral, bad, or horrible and determines the "mood" of the god. The following chart reveals all these moods. 

Personally I do not recommend perceiving horoscopes as predicting the future and instead view them as a sort of calendar you can use to plan meditations, rituals etc.. based on the historical symbolism of that day.
Perceiving horoscopes as predicting the future I think is a slippery slope to a whole host of logical fallacies and cognitive biases.
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Learn about Logical Fallacies here (
Most importantly the psychological effect of unconsciously making something come true because you believe it's true is a very real phenomenon. So believing horoscopes are 100% true is literally programming your subconscious to "bless" or "curse" you based on someone else's interpretation of horoscopes (as it isn't an exact science and each horoscope writer has different beliefs and perspectives). Beliefisahelluvadrug.