astrological time

Day 1 - The Astrological Clock

(1) The 6th outer ring symbolizes the tropical zodiac with squares revealing the 3 modalities and square aspects.
(2) The 5th ring symbolizes the elemental tripiclity decans.
(3) The 4th ring symbolizes the planetary positions in the zodiac, with triangles revealing the triplicities, trine aspects, sextile aspects and zodiacle rulerships of the geomantic signs.
(4) the 4th ring symbolizes the moon phases.
(5) The 2nd ring symbolizes the planetary day of the week.
(6) The 1st ring symbolizes the planetary hour of the day.

The 6th and 3rd rings are oriented according to light cycles. The top of the clock symbolizes midsummer and the full moon while the bottom symbolizes midwinter and the black moon. The 2nd and 1st rings are organized according to the days of the week and the planetary speeds through the zodiac (called the Chaldean order), and the whole clock is read clockwise.

The hand of the clock will display the planetary day, moon phase and astrological day, which in turn reveals the decan and season.

Those knowledgeable in astrology can use the hidden triangles and squares to determine the aproximate geometric relationship between the planets.

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