Astrological Calendar

This is an astrological clock, calendar, geocentric orrery and a sigil generator!
It is a depiction of you, surrounded by the earth which is surrounded by the solar system which is surrounded by the zodiac / galaxy. The design of the clock is a map of the universe that is visible to the naked eye and each ring is organized from inner to outer, small to large time scales. The order of the planets is based on the apparent speed that they travel through the night sky and is called the "Chaldean Order" as well as the "Qabalistic Order".

Explanation of design.
There are 7 layers
(1) The very first inner circle symbolizes the present moment.
(2) The smaller septagram symbolizes the planetary hour.
(3) The larger septagram symbolizes the planetary day.
(4) The 28 circles symbolize the moon phase.
(5) The 7 layered webwork symbolizes the planetary orbits, organized from fast to slow.
(6) The 36 planetary symbols symbolize aproximately 10 day periods or 10 dgree divisions of zodiac called "decans".
(7) The 12 zodiac symbols symbolize the 4 seasons divided into 3 months as well as the stars surrounding the earth in the ecliptic. The triangles in between the squares mark the solstices, equinoxes and divisions of the zodiac.
The calendar is meant to be read clockwise and the top is midsummer and the fullmoon, the bottom is midwinter and the black moon, and the left and right are the equinoxes and half moons.
How to operate this calendar

How to operate this calendar
1 Place bead on area 1 and only move to 2 when reading the clock since it changes so often.
(Calculate based on astrological clock page)
2 Place bead on area 3 and move once a day.
(Calculate based on symbolism page)
3 Place bead on area 4 and move once a day.
(Calculate based on moon phase. Google current moon phase)
4 Place bead on the 4th orbit in area 5 and move every 10 days.
(Calculate based on sun degree. Google current sun degree)

How to read the calendar (Hour / Day / Week / Decan / Month)
1 - The first bead in area 2 god the god of the hour and grants +1 point
2 - The second bead in area 3 determines the god of the day and grants +1 point.
3 - The third bead in area 4 determines the moon phase and grants +1full/new & +0.5 for half.
4 - The fourth bead in area 5 determines the decan and month and grants +1 point.

What to do with this calendar
1 - Track the phases of the sun (bead 4) to forecast the temperature.
2 - Track the phases on the moon (bead 3) to forecast the amount of light at night.
3 - Track the positions of the planets for stargazing
4 - Connect all 4 beads to generate a sigil to symbolize the current time, or as a password to reveal a time. For example.