Astrological Calendar

This is an astrological calendar, geocentric orrery, time and date cypher and a sigil generator!

It is a depiction of you, surrounded by the earth which is surrounded by the solar system which is surrounded by the zodiac / galaxy. The design of the clock is a map of the universe that is visible to the naked eye and each ring is organized from inner to outer, small to large time scales. The order of the planets is based on the apparent speed that they travel through the night sky and is called the "Chaldean Order" as well as the "Qabalistic Order".

There are 7 layers
(1) The very first inner circle symbolizes the present moment.
(2) The smaller septagram (7 pointed star) symbolizes the planetary hour.
(3) The larger septagram symbolizes the planetary day.
(4) The 28 circles symbolize the moon phase.
(5) The 36 planetary symbols symbolize approximately 10 day periods / 10 degree divisions of zodiac called "decans".
(6) The 12 zodiac symbols symbolize the 4 seasons divided into 3 months as well as the stars surrounding the earth in the ecliptic. The triangles in between the squares mark the solstices, equinoxes and divisions of the zodiac.

(7) The 365 segments around the outer circle represent the 365 days of the solar year.

The top half of the calendar is the brightest and warmest part of the year
(summer, summer solstice and full moons)
the bottom half is the darkest and coldest part of the year
(winter, winter solstice, black moons,)
and the middle part of the calendar represents the mild parts of the year
(Spring, Spring Equinox, Fall, Fall Equinox, half moons).

The calendar is designed to be read clockwise, starting at the left-most point (Spring Equinox).
Many popular traditions of astrology orient their calendars counterclockwise, but it simply a matter of perspective and both are valid. If you face north and loop up, the zodiac appears to move counterclockwise, if you face south and look up, the zodiac appears to move clockwise.

Print calendar on paper and acquire 3 beads.
Place one bead on sun symbol under leo
Place one bead on the full moon symbol
Place on bead on the venus symbol in the large seven pointed star.
Fill in one white section at the point of the triangle between cancer and leo.

How to use
Every day fill in one gap
Every day move the seven pointed star one position clockwise
Every day move the moon bead one position clockwise
Every 10 days move the zodiac bead one decan clockwise
Every 28 days on the new moon, don't move the moon bead for 1 day.

How to read
The star bead reveals the day of the week
The moon bead reveals the amount of moonlight
The zodiac bead reveals zodiac month and the three decans within each zodiac month.

What to do
1 - Track the solar and lunar light phases throughout the year which will let you track the 4 seasons and thus predict weather and plan accordingly. This is called tropical astrology.

2 - Track the positions of the planets around the Earth and the geometric relationships between them in order to determine lucky and unlucky moments in time. This is called sidereal astrology.

3 - It can be used as a cypher to generate geometry-based codes that represent dates and times. (see example photo below)

4 - Last but not least it can be used as a sigil generator using the astrological cypher alphabet where every letter of the alphabet is replaced with either a zodiac, planet or elemental symbol.