How To Create A Talisman

From the spiritual point of view, a talisman is a symbol or object that is imbued with life force energy that is programmed to create a specific effect on the world around it. From a psychological point of view, a talisman is an anchor that triggers a specific state of consciousness and a corresponding butterfly effect in one's personal world.

Think of Talismans as glorified mnemonic devices & emotional anchors. 

How does one create a talisman? Well the process is similar regardless of one's belief of how it works.

  1. Choose object of desire AKA the purpose of the talisman.
  2.  Acquire/create a symbol or object that is associated with your object of desire.
  3. Enter an altered state of consciousness through meditation or other methods
  4. Stare at talisman while visualizing having the object of desire and what it's like. conclude the session by stating the name of the object of desire, then put the talisman completely out of sight. 
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 every night before bed for a moon cycle (or a month)

Now you have a fully charged talisman that will instantly trigger the state of consciousness you designed through visualization every time you look at it.