How to Play

The Game of Life
In most video games, one acquires magical items to boost their character's stats to improve their abilities and chance of success. Well magicians have been doing this for thousands of years through astrology and magick.

How to Play the GOA

(1) Take actions towards desires symbolically related to aspects with high points.
(2) Create talismans to save the current points for later.
(3) Activate talismans to use the saved points. Deactivate to store for later.
(4) Re-charge used talismans.
(5) Maintain balance or max out certain aspects
(6) Achieve the highest level possible.

(1) By doing things that are symbolically similar to the astrological weather, it is believed one becomes in harmony with the universe and thus one's chances of success are greatly improved.
(2) How to create a talisman.
1- Symbolize the current weather points through the sigil from the sigil generating calendar. (Seen in image 2)
2 - Ideally write the symbol on an object associated with the symbolism of the day.
3 - Optionally layer more symbols around the sigil that are associated with the day.
4 - Create the talisman in a ritualistic manner by focusing the mind exclusively on the symbolism and intent of the talisman.
(3) Once you've captured the energy of the day you can save those stats permanently and activate them by having them on your person or on your altar and deactivate them by storing in a container.
(4) Just like a battery, one should charge the talisman every cycle (meaning when the same/similar weather points occur) by staring at it, contemplating it's symbolism and visualizing it's intent.
(5) Just like a video game, you can choose your "class" (archetype) which will determine your abilities; by putting the majority of your points in one aspect.
(6) Create and or collect as many talismans as you can to achieve the highest level possible! □
Every item in a horizontal line is symbolize each other. The order is Symbol/Color. Name. Keyword. Archetype. Shape. Number/Order. Object. Material. Scent. Zodiac. Geomancy.

Ran out of typing space! I just wanted to note that fantasy video games got their concepts from the occult and not the other way around. So I hope by framing these ancient beliefs with modern language will make it more understandable. I personally lean towards the idea that the planets track cycles of time, the zodiac tracks the cycle of the seasons/sunlight and the point systems are an arbitrary manmade global schedule or sorts analogous to a holiday calendar. I also think of talismans as an artistic form of NLP and a celebration of the cycles of nature. All human culture is a larp, so only play if you find it fun and aesthetically pleasing! ❤️

How to create talisman

Decide on desire and best weather
Symbolize desire and the current weather on the item
consecrate it
he Game of Astrology.

The whole circle symbolizes you.
Each circle symbolizes one astrological aspect of you.
The numbers symbolize the intensity of that aspect based on the current  astrological "weather".
The central circle & number symbolize all your aspects combined, which determines your "mana" level. (Mana is an ancient polynesian word for power and in video games it is fuel for magick)

Planetary Aspects.
(Point. Aspect. Archetype. Planet. Color)
7 Spirit (Monk. Saturn. Indigo)
7 Wealth (Royalty. Jupiter. Blue)
7 Power (Warrior. Mars. Red)
7 Health (Healer. Sun. Yellow)
7 Love (Artist. Venus. Green)
7 Intellect (Mage. Mercury. Orange)
7 Intuition (Mystic. Moon. Purple)

Elemental Aspects
(Point. Aspect. Archetype. Planet. Color)
7 Will (Warrior. Fire. Red)
7 Knowledge (Mage. Air. Yellow)
7 Courage (Mystic. Water. Blue)
7 Strength (Healer. Earth. Green.)

Behind the scenes.
The astrological weather is based on the "essential dignities" combined with the day, decan and season.
Each Zodiac house receives the same points as the planet in it, exept is then converted into it's elemental ruler to reduce 23 categories into 11 for simplicity.
Day/Decan/Season = +3
Rulership = +2
Exaltation = +1
Neutral = 0
Fall = -1
Detriment = -2

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