Magick, spelled with a k, is defined as "The art and science of causing change in accordance with will" and is usually associated with various practices such as meditation, visualization, and ritual.
One of the core practices of magick is to collect, wear and surround one's self with things that symbolize your desires, and for the last 6000 years astrological symbols have been used to do this.

(1) Simply Visit the symbolism page, find a planet, zodiac or elemental symbol that best represents your desire (Venus for love, Jupiter for wealth, Mercury for knowledge etc..)
(2) Acquire a set of 12 different item types with the same symbolism
(3) Set a date and time with the optimal same astrological symbolism of desire.
(4) Create a statement of desire written in positive tense.

(0) Choose item to enchant or use your hand as the item.
(1) Put on mask, robes and place circle on the ground.
Equip ring, bracelet and necklace. Keep other items inside wooden box.
Face East, take out incense, light it, and place in eastern quadrant.
Face South, take out candle, light it, and place in southern quadrant.
Face West, Take out oil, uncap it, and place in western quadrant.
Face North, take out crystal, rub it, and place in north quadrant.
Face East, place box between you and incense, close it, place figurine on top and place coins at the feet of the figurine.
(2) Face east, Sit down and take a symbolic number of progressively slower deep breaths.
(3) Pick up item, stare at it, hold over incense and say statement of intent
(4) stare and hold over candle and say statement of intent
(5) stare and drop essential oil on item and say statement of intent
(6) Stare and touch to crystal and say statement of intent
(7) Hold item, close your eyes, visualize successful outcome and say statement of intent one more time.
(8) Wrap item in non-transparent cloth
(9) Face East, extinguish incense and place inside box
Face North, place crystal inside box
Face West, cap oil, place inside box
Face South, snuff candle, place inside box
Face East, place figurine and coin inside box
Take off jewelry, place inside box
Take off mask, robes and fold up circle
(10) Store ritual items in closet, forget what happened, find another activity and do what thou wilt!

(Step 1) creates a unique atmosphere in order to center your self in the present place and time as well as to form a unique memory anchor.
(Step 2) relaxes your body and alteres your mind by lowering your brainwaves (from beta to alpha/theta) where you are more imaginative and receptable to suggestions.
(Step 3-7) is two fold. Firstly it serves to form vivid memories and memory triggers (Fire & Crystals impress the mind, incense and oils effect the olfactory sense which is inextricably linked with memory structures in the brain. Secondly, each element symbolizes an aspect of the self (the will, intellect, emotions and body) and thus serves to balance and center your mind.
(Step 8) is about stopping the formation of new memories with said object by hiding it from sight until it is needed.
(Step 9) is about returning to a normal brainwave state (beta / alpha)
(Step 10) is also about stopping the formation of new memories to the anchored objects, by stopping the formation of new memories about contemplating the ritual experience. Thoughts are sticky and positive and negative emotions are superglue, which is why apathy is golden.
Freaking out over making a mistake is worse than the mistake. But freaking out over freaking out over making a mistake is worst of all because it will fractal off into infinity aka thought loops.