Each item has a certain number of points which represent the quality of the symbolism present in that item.  The more points an item has, the more it evokes the qualities of the corresponding element, god or zodiac sign. 

The Game
The nature of the point based system of symbolism creates a sort of open ended game whereby there are multiple objectives one can achieve.
1 Acquire item points in certain aspects to invoke the desired elements/gods/signs
2 Acquire items for each of the 5 elements, 7 gods and 12 signs.
3 Acquire as as many points as possible.

How to play
(1) Collect items with points in a symbolic aspect that reflects your desires.
(2) Equip items to activate points..

(1) Collecting
Decide on what gods / elements / symbolic aspects reflect your desires, then acquire items with the corresponding symbolism.

(2) Equipping
Equipping means wearing, carrying, touching, looking at or being surrounded by an item.
Un-equipping means storing out of sight in a cloth, or box.   
Only equipped items grant points in a symbolic aspect.

Aspect Point Chart
Print or redraw the image above to keep track of your points. Each symbol and section represents 1 of 24 aspects and each circle is where you stack coins to represents the amount of points activated. You can count by the number of coins, or by the numerical value of the coin itself
(for example 1 nickel can equal 1 point, or 1 nickel can equal 5 points. your choice.) The central circle equals the sum of your all your points, and determines your total power level.