Symbolic Space

Each god is associated with a planet of the solar system. The position of the planet in the zodiac is either considered great, good, neutral, bad, or horrible. In order to boost item points, combine a consumable with an item during great or good positions to gain 1 or 2 points. However combining items during bad or horrible positions will remove 1 or 2 points. Combining items during neutral positions will not add or remove points.

The Astrological Clock

(1) The area between the outer 7th and 6th circles symbolizes the zodiac (12 x 30 degree sections) and 3 squares reveal the 3 modalities ofΒ the zodiac.
(2) The area between the 6th and 5th circles symbolizes the decans (10 degree sections zodiac) and is where you place glass beads to track the movement of the planets in the zodiac.
(3) The area between the 5th and 4th circles reveals theΒ elemental triplicities and geomantic signs of the zodiac.
(4) The area between the 4th and 3rd circles symbolizes the moon phases.
(5) The large 7 point star symbolizes the planetary day of the week.
(6) The small 7 point star symbolizes the planetary hour of the day. (for decoration only)
(7) The small central circle symbolizes the planetary minute of the hour. (for decoration only)

How toΒ set the clock
1 Place a glass bead on the planet of the day in area (5)
2 Draw 7 planetary symbols on 7 glass beads, check ephemeris and place them in correct positions in area (2) (1Β°-10Β° = 1st decan, 11Β°-20Β° = 2nd decan, 21Β°-30Β°= 3rd decan)

How to operate the clock
every morning..
1 Move the first glass bead one position clockwise
2 Check ephemeris to move the 7 remaining glass beads one decan forward or not.

How to read the clock
1 The first bead determines the astrological day and grants +1 point.
2 The position of each of the 7 planets around the zodiac either adds or subtracts points based on the information provided in the following chart.
3 If a planet is in a decan of the same planet grant +1Β point.

Place a glass bead on the moon phase and move once a day to track the moon phase.