Symbolic Time


Item points can be boosted by combining an item with a consumable item (herb, oil, incense and or candle) of the same aspect during the day, hour and minute of the same aspect.

To combine an item with a consumable, either..
1 Anoint the item with a drop of symbolic oil.
2 Fumigate the item with symbolic incense.
3 Rub with the item with the corresponding herb.
4 Surround the item in the corresponding colored candles.
5 Do all 4 previous methods simultaneously.
Each consumable type (herb, oil, incense and candle) and each time-frame (day, hour and minute) grant 1 point each, for a total amount of 7 points. However items can be boosted as many times as you desire. The only limit is once per week.

Time Tables
The charts shown above are symbolic time tables that break down the symbolism of each day, hour and minute.  Each day, hour and minute is ruled by 1 of 7 gods..
The week is divided into 7 days.
Each day is divided into 7 "hours" that are 3 hours and 26 minutes long.
Each of these "hours" are divided into 7 "minutes" that are 29 minutes long.
(The times shown below are in military time. Divide by 12 to translate into PM times.)