🜑 Ape Masks
🜑 Ape Masks
🜑 Ape Masks
🜑 Ape Masks
🜑 Ape Masks

🜑 Ape Masks

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Apes appear in some of the world's oldest mythologies.. 

Lord Hanuman is an ancient monkey-faced Hindu god associated with strength, celibacy, immortality, discipline, yoga, shapeshifting, philosophy, music and more.

The Monkey King A.K.A. Sun Wukong is a Chinese monkey god popularized in the 16th century novel "Journey to the West". 

According to a Tibetan myth, the Tibetan people are descended from a monkey named Pha Trelgen Changchup Sempra.

According to the Miao ethnic group of China, once upon a time some monkeys went to play in a cave where a divine dragon resided. The dragon then blew its divine breath on the monkeys which transformed them into modern humans, and that's where humans came from.

According to the Jataka tales Lord Buddha was an ape in a past life.

Qabalistically apes are associated with Mercury, the Roman God of Knowledge, which makes senses since apes are the most intelligent creature in the animal kingdom. 

Material: Polyester (Windproof,Breathable,Anti-UV,Quick Dry)
Size: Length: 60cm 
Shipping Time: 15 - 30 days