Key Ring of Prosperity
Key Ring of Prosperity

Key Ring of Prosperity

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This symol is The Seal of Great Prosperity.
This seal should be made, or consecreated, on a sunday in the first, eigth, fifteenth or twenty-second hour, and be made of, or covered in gold, then placing in a silken bag. 
All those who wish to further their ambitions should carry this seal, as its influence will enable them to achieve their desires and will help lift them from mediocrity to relative eminence. For those in high positons, this seal will ensure continuity of their established place and safeguard against the attacks of open or secret enemies. This  seal is designed for all who desire honor and riches in what ever sphere of activity they may find themselves.

+1 Health
Stainless Steel
39 x 35mm
Shipping Time:  
15 - 30 days