🜛 Necklace of Zadkiel
🜛 Necklace of Zadkiel
🜛 Necklace of Zadkiel

🜛 Necklace of Zadkiel

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Zadkiel will teach unto you all the Sciences Active and Passive, with a remarkable facility, with all honesty and courtesy, together with every kind of benediction. They who avail themselves herof will possess all things in content. He is to be invoked on a Monday and in the Morning. 
In this Sigil is taught the method of joining together Actives and Passives, or in everything the manner of modesty and grace. In the which Numbers the Lord God doth sanctify these Planets, so that they may work marvels, and as it were portents, through such Numerations. - The Armadel by S.L. MacGregor Mathers 

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Stainless Steel
32 x 35mm
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