🜠 Signet of Lucifer
🜠 Signet of Lucifer
🜠 Signet of Lucifer
🜠 Signet of Lucifer

🜠 Signet of Lucifer

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Who is Lucifer?

According to the dictionary..
Definition 1 "A proud rebellious archangel, identified with Satan, who fell from heaven."
Definition 2 "The planet Venus when appearing as the morning star.

According to etymology, Lucifer is Latin for "light-bearer" pointing at the fact that Venus rises on the horizon every morning signalling the incoming sunrise and light of the sun.

Who is Venus?Β 
Venus is a Latin name for a Roman Goddess who's name stems from "Vener" which is originally a word meaning "physical desire, sexual appetite", which symbolizes the fact that Venus is a Goddess of desire, charm, seduction, sexuality, attractiveness etc..Β 

So what's so bad about Lucifer? Notice how the Church demonized everything associated with Venus, from females to sexuality and nature, and the very god name that governs those things.Β 

Hail Lucifer!

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