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The Undine Ring

The Undine Ring

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Undines are 1 of 4 pure elemental creatures mentioned in the works of Paracelsus. Undines are water elementals that are described to resemble young beautiful human females. Unlike humans, they are said to not have a soul and thus in order to gain one they must marry a human. They are many species of water elementals, the most commonly known is the mermaid, however other names include water nymphs, nereides, limbads and naiades. 

This ring is made of pure 925 sterling silver and in the shape of a crescent, which are both elementally ruled over by the moon and associated with the water element, which makes this one powerfully feminine ring! 

Stats: +2 Energy
Symbolism: Water
Material: 925 sterling silver
Size:  6 - 9
Shipping Time:   2 - 4 weeks