🜜 Wolf Masks
🜜 Wolf Masks

🜜 Wolf Masks

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In Roman mythology, wolves are associated with the god of war, Mars, and in antiquity the wolf was the symbol of Rome. Consequently Romans avoided from harming wolves and where never killed for pleasure.

In the old Serbian mythology, the wolf was used as a magick totem, and symbolized fearlessness. 

In Japanese mythology grain farmers worshiped wolves at shrines and left food offerings near their dens, beseeching them to protect their crops from boar and deer. Talismans and charms adorned with images of wolves were thought to protect against fire, disease and other calamities. The Ainu people believed they where born from the union of a wolf and a goddess.

God: Mars
Material: Polyester (Windproof,Breathable,Anti-UV,Quick Dry)
Size: Length: 60cm 
Shipping Time: 15 - 30 days